Brown Bag Book Group


book club pic

The Brown Bag Book Group (A.K.A. the Daytime Book Group) meets monthly, September through May (or June if we so decide), except for December when we usually join with Koffee Klatch and Lunch Bunch for a social outing.  Members suggest books to the coordinator(s) who compile information on the books and report back to the members.  We then vote to select what will be read in which month, usually selecting two or three months’ reading at a time.

We meet in members’ homes to discuss the selected book on the last Tuesday of the month, with our hostess providing beverages and dessert (and sometimes a salad or such if she so desires); each member brings her own lunch – hence the “Brown Bag” part of our name.  Our gatherings are friendly, and we usually spend time socializing before getting down to discussing the chosen book.  Hostesses will sometimes provide discussion questions (which are often available from the publisher on the web).



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