Activity Groups

Book bites


Book Bites is a group of reading enthusiasts that meets the third Monday evening of each month.  The group decides on what books to read and meets at the home of a member to discuss the book, visit, and enjoy light refreshments which are provided by the member hostess.



Boovie is a group of movie and book enthusiasts.  The group journeys to local movie theaters on the second Thursday afternoon of each month.  The group votes in advance as to which movie they will see.  If possible, the movie will tie into a book they will be reading.  After the movie, lunch at a local restaurant provides lots of opportunities to discuss both the movie and the book.


BuncoBunco is a group of twelve who meet on the third Thursday evening of each month to play this fun and easy game of chance.  Members take turn hosting and serving light refreshments.  The group is always in need of substitute players for their monthly meetings.


Coffee and Conversation

Coffee & Conversation meets the second Tuesday morning of each month.  It’s a chance to get together and visit with friends over a cup of coffee and perhaps Danish, or a piece of quiche.  Members take turns as monthly hosts for the meeting at their home and provide refreshments of their choice.


Lunch Bunch

Lunch Bunch finds local restaurants of interest and lunches at them each month. Some shopping at nearby boutique stores is usually combined. Dates for this event are flexible but decided on well in advance with members signing up for carpooling, shopping, and lunch options that they choose.

Nieghbors in need


Neighbors in Need provides that extra help and/or encouragement to members who may be going through a tough time.  On an as-needed basis, members may provide meals, rides to doctors or even just a friendly visit to any club member who may need our help at that time.


Outdoor club

The Outdoor Club provides opportunities for walks, hikes, snowshoeing, and biking as well as other ideas that may arise during the year.  These events vary as to their date and time depending on opportunities.  Adventures are announced in advance, and members are given the opportunity to sign up for any they are interested in.



Recipe Club meets the first Wednesday evening of each month to explore and then partake of delicious recipes.  Each month a general theme is announced in advance, and members sign up for a dish to bring that matches the monthly theme.  Members take turns hosting the monthly events at their homes.



The Scrabble Group meets the fourth Wednesday afternoon of each month for a relaxing, non-competitive time playing scrabble.  Members take turns hosting the event at their home and providing light refreshments for other players.

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